C30 Compact Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator from Mettler-Toledo Inc.

C30 Compact Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator from Mettler-Toledo Inc.

C30 Compact Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator from Mettler-Toledo Inc.


The all-round Karl Fischer Coulometer is the flexible and powerful instrument for fast and precise water determination of samples from any industry with a water content between 1 ppm and 5%.

  • Color Touchscreen with One Click™ user interface
  • User specific Homescreen with Shortcuts for direct access to all Routine tasks
  • User interface in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Polish and Korean
  • Task list for queuing different tasks and direct access
  • Generator cell with or without diaphragm available
  • Connectivity to LabX titration PC software via USB or direct Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Common USB printers or the USB-P25 compact paper roll printer for secure and GLP-compliant paper recording
  • Coulometric bromine index determination

Reagent Control
The titration cell is always in good condition, as Reagent Control monitors three different parameters and replaces the solvent when necessary in One Click™. The Solvent Manager also empties, fills or replaces the wwwhenever required and keeps the user fully protected.

Automation with Stromboli
Up to 14 samples can be titrated in unattended operation with the Stromboli oven sample changer. Repeatability and efficiency is significantly improved and operation becomes simple, as Stromboli is fully controlled by the titrator. Flexible methods allow multiple blank and sample series with statistics.

User Management
All users have their own Homescreen with Shortcuts for One Click™ start of any task. Routine users can run their Shortcuts to perform routine tasks, but can not accidentally change anything e.g. in the setup. In connection with LabX pro titration PC software the Remote mode offers full support of FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulations.

Flexible powerful methods
Samples that do not release water easily or that cause side reactions can be analyzed using external extraction. Predefined methods that offer direct blank determination of the extracting solvent make this application simple. The method database contains METTLER TOLEDO methods for any kind of coulometric Karl Fischer applications and the method editor makes changes to the methods quite easy.

Bromine Index
One important parameter in quality assurance of petrochemical raw materials and products is the Bromine index. It can easily be determined with utmost accuracy and precision using the elegant coulometric method. The current generator cell and method templates make this application simple and straightforward.


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemC30 Compact Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator
  • CompanyMettler-Toledo Inc.
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  • QuantityEA
  • TypeCoulometric
  • Measuring Range10 ug to 200 mg
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  • Dimensions(WxDxH) 210 x 340 x 312 mm
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