RamSpec-532nm Raman System from BaySpec, Inc.

RamSpec-532nm Raman System from BaySpec, Inc.

RamSpec-532nm Raman System from BaySpec, Inc.


BaySpec’s RamSpecTM series Raman spectral engines are designed for best-in-class performance, long-term reliability, and compact size and meeting real world challenges in reducing fluorescence interference for Raman instrumentation of biological samples. Benefiting from experience manufacturing high-volume spectral monitoring devices for the telecommunications industry, BaySpec’s spectral devices utilize low-cost field proven components. For the first time in instrumentation history an affordable, accurate and ruggedized Raman spectral device is a reality.

The RamSpecTM Series employs a highly efficient Volume Phase Grating (VPG?) as the spectral dispersion element and an ultra sensitive CCD array detector as the detection element, thereby providing high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectrum measurements. As an input, the device uses a fiber optic bundle or slit optics arrangement based on customer preferences. The signal is spectrally dispersed with the VPG? and the diffracted light is focused onto a CCD array detector. The control electronics read out the processed digital signal to extract required information. Both the raw data and the processed data are available to the end user.

  • Real-time spectral data acquisition with milli-sec response time
  • Outstanding optical throughput with VPG? and f/1.8 design
  • Wavelength range from 532 nm (up to 3500 cm-1)
  • 532 nm laser, up to 50mW
  • Deep cooled camera for low light detection
  • Coaxial small form factor Raman probe with internal filters and coatings
  • Camera, spectrograph, laser, probe, swivel-Notebook computer
  • Spec 2020 Windows-based software integrated for turn-key operation

  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemRamSpec-532nm Raman System
  • CompanyBaySpec, Inc.
  • PriceInquire
  • Catalog NumberInquire
  • QuantityEA
  • Resolution<5 cm-1
  • Detector(s)TE cooled CCD
  • Spectral Range532 nm or customer specified
  • Laser Sources532 nm laser (50 mW)
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