ETHOS EZ Microwave Digestion System from Milestone Inc

ETHOS EZ Microwave Digestion System from Milestone Inc

ETHOS EZ Microwave Digestion System from Milestone Inc


The ETHOS EZ represents the state of the art in closed vessel microwave digestion. Unmatched build quality and technology has resulted in the safest, most versatile, and highest performing system available. Superior vessel design, combined with more precise temperature control and the most powerful software delivers better digestion results than any other closed vessel system - whatever the sample type.

Ethos EZ Microwave Digestion Lab StationThe ETHOS EZ is the most technologically advanced and most rugged closed vessel microwave system available. Unlike other systems that are designed around an open steel frame inside a molded plastic cabinet, the ETHOS EZ features an 18/8 stainless steel cavity surrounded by a cabinet of solid 18/8 stainless steel, fitted with a heavy duty, spring mounted door for optimum operator safety and long operating lifetime. The door is hinged at the bottom to form a convenient loading platform. The door and cavity have a multi-layer PTFE plasma coating, applied at 350°C, with a 5 year warranty against corrosion.

Installed microwave power is 1200W which is delivered via a unique diffuser with mode stirrer which insures even distribution of microwave power, eliminating localized hot and cold spots. As a result, samples are heated evenly, giving a more consistent digestion.To achieve the shortest run times, fast cooling of the vessels is very important: in the EZ, a heavy duty cooling system draws a high airflow over the vessels and out to exhaust to minimize cool down time.

Unlike other systems, the user control electronics and user display have been moved out of the mainframe into a separate control module, protecting them from corrosion caused by acid vapor.

Milestone’s technology leadership in microwave digestion brings the user real benefits in safety, usability, superior digestion performance, and productivity. Our unique Vent-and-reseal vessel technology gives greater control of exothermic reactions than any other system while our advanced reaction sensors give faster and more accurate feedback. Our TEMP-SURE system uniquely plots the temperature profile of all vessels in real time, giving the analyst clear evidence that every run complies with the temperature requirements of regulated methods. Finally, our EasyCONTROL software is more advanced and more powerful than any other microwave software, with unique features that increase productivity, improve digestion performance – all while making the ETHOS EZ the safest microwave digestion system to use.


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  • ItemETHOS EZ Microwave Digestion System
  • CompanyMilestone Inc
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  • Catalog NumberETHOS EZ
  • Temperature Rangeup to 300C
  • QuantityEA
  • Capacity8 to 41 vessels (depending on Rotor)
  • Heating MethodClosed Vessel Microwave Digestion
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  • ETHOS EZ Microwave Digestion System

    ETHOS EZ Microwave Digestion System

    The ETHOS EZ is an advanced closed vessel microwave digestion system. This rugged system for microwave sample preparation ensures even distribution of microwave power to eliminate localized hot and ... View Video