Flow Cytometry WorkCell from Hudson Robotics, Inc.

Flow Cytometry WorkCell from Hudson Robotics, Inc.

Flow Cytometry WorkCell from Hudson Robotics, Inc.


The Flow Cytometry work cell provides scientists with an automated sample acquisition system for cellular analysis research. This integrated platform combines the Guava EasyCyte Plus Flow Cytometer with Hudson's PlateCrane EX microplate robot arm and micro10x High Volume Liquid Dispenser. This automated sample acquisition workcell features built-in microplate and tube sample inputs, micro-volume sampling, multiplex analysis, and up to 6 detection parameters. The Guava benchtop flow cytometry system is capable of automating the set-up and analysis of Guava's mix and read assays resulting in continuous unattended operation for cell counting and viability analysis in a 96-well format.

An automated flow cytometry system can improve a lab's productivity by enabling scientist's to conduct complex cell analysis in their own lab, to generate parameter-dependant results rather than mere data points; while optimizing their time. With the corresponding Guava reagents, this system is able to perform several forms of apoptosis detection, cell counting, viability and cycle analysis, as well as antibody characterization and antigen detection.

Hudson's cost-effective workcell offers small footprints for mobility and flexibility, and easy-to-use Softlinx software for data tracking and scheduling. The combination of the instrument layout and intelligence of the software makes it possible to fully utilize each component for one-off experiments without interfering with in-progress screens.


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemFlow Cytometry WorkCell
  • CompanyHudson Robotics, Inc.
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  • Catalog NumberInquire
  • QuantityEA
  • Sample Volume125 ul
  • Throughput12 to 60 uL/min
  • Sample Format96-Well Plates or 1.2 or 1.5 mL Tubes
  • Cells per Assay10 to 500 cells/uL
  • Excitation Wavelength488 nm
  • Emission Wavelength525 nm, 580 to 583 nm, 675 to 680 nm or 780 nm (optional)
  • ScatterForward or Side (Optional)
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