SZ-100 Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer from HORIBA Scientific

SZ-100 Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer from HORIBA Scientific

SZ-100 Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer from HORIBA Scientific


The nanoPartica SZ-100 Nanoparticle Analysis System measures the size, zeta potential, and molecular weight of your samples in one instrument.

What is created when a powerful 10 mW green laser and ultra-high sensitivity wavelength-matched PMT detectors are combined? The first instrument capable of measuring nanoparticle sizes between 0.3 and 8,000 nanometers. Utilizing precision optics and all-new noise reduction algorithms, the SZ-100 can measure most samples in less than 120 seconds. The SZ-100 makes it easier to get a rational result without needing to prepare samples in a Class 10 clean room. Feeling trapped by historic size data at 90 degrees or backscatter? MAX (Multi-angle extensibility) technology in the SZ-100 eliminates this headache by providing both angles for size measurements in one analyzer.

To match the sizing innovations we've created the Advanced Graphite Improved Lifetime Electrode (AGILE) zeta potential cells which massively extend lifetime before fouling. Other designs use precious metals which either require disposal after too few measurements or physical regeneration (cleaning) of the electrode surface. The AGILE cells reduce per measurement costs by nearly 68% compared to older designs. This technology is unique to HORIBA and the SZ-100.

To put it simply: get more capability for less with the new SZ-100.

  • Ultra-wide Size Measurement Range: HORIBA’s revolutionary optical design measures size from 0.3-8,000nm.
  • MAX Size Technology: The only analyzer to include sizing detectors at backscatter and 90 degrees in one package.
  • Patented AGILE Cells: Reduces cost per zeta potential measurement by 68% while maintaining the same high quality of data.
  • Small Sample Volumes: As low as 10µL for sizing and 100µL for zeta potential measurements.

  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemSZ-100 Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer
  • CompanyHORIBA Scientific
  • PriceGet Quote
  • Catalog NumberSZ-100
  • QuantityEA
  • TypeDynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Detector(s)Unique Size Detectors at 173 and 90 Degrees
  • Light SourceDPSS 532 nm, 10 mW Laser
  • Sample TypeNanoparticle and Colloidal Suspensions, Emulsions, Macromolecules
  • Measurement Mode(s)Zeta Potential, Particle Size
  • Measuring Time~ 2 min
  • Particle Size0.3 to 8000 nm
  • Dynamic Range26,667:1
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