Abbemat 300/350 Refractometer from Anton Paar

Abbemat 300/350 Refractometer from Anton Paar

Abbemat 300/350 Refractometer from Anton Paar


Abbemat digital refractometers allow fast and non-destructive refractive index measurements. They are factory calibrated with official standards from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrology Institute of Germany). Refractive index results from Abbemat 300/350 are accurate to ±0.0001 nD.

All Abbemat 300 refractometers provide full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, with user levels, audit trail, and forgery-proof data export. Anton Paar also provides a qualification documentation package (IQ/OQ/PQ).

Easy operation
  • Abbemat 350 refractometers are set up conveniently using intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Abbemat 300 have a color LCD screen and membrane keys which are resistant to spillage and dirt and can be operated even when wearing gloves
  • A reminder for test measurements or adjustments can be set at user-defined intervals
  • Automatic warning if the sample volume is not large enough for a valid measurement
  • No sample preparation, readings within seconds
  • A quick wipe cleans the prism after each measurement
Compliance and traceability
  • Full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Compliant with international standards such as ASTM, ICUMSA, OIML, AOAC, DIN/ISO, FDA, ISI, JIS and pharmacopoeias
  • History and current status of results via the result memory
  • Adjustment and check history, check intervals and validity checks for each measurement
For all samples
  • Independent of sample properties you can measure:
    • all samples from liquids to pastes, polymers to solids
    • turbid, colored or opaque samples
    • liquids containing air bubbles or solid particles
  • No influence from humidity, temperature or vibrations
  • A wide range of scales are stored in the Abbemat for converting refractive index into concentrations, etc.


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemAbbemat 300/350 Refractometer
  • CompanyAnton Paar
  • PriceGet Quote
  • Catalog NumberInquire
  • Temperature Range10C to 110C
  • QuantityEA
  • Resolution0.00001 nD (RI), 0.01% (Brix)
  • Measuring Time5 sec (per sample)
  • Refractive Index Range1.3 to 1.72 nD
  • Brix Range0 to 100%
  • Optical Wavelength589 nm
Anton Paar
Anton Paar
10215 Timber Ridge Drive
Ashland, VA 23005
United States
Phone: (804) 550-1051
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