SER 148 Solvent Extractors from Neutec Group Inc.

SER 148 Solvent Extractors from Neutec Group Inc.

SER 148 Solvent Extractors from Neutec Group Inc.


The SER 148 Solvent Extractor and Soxhlet Extraction allows the quantitative separation of a substance or a group of substances (e.g. fats) from a mixture of solids or semisolids.

The extraction is performed, according to the Randall technique, in two phases with a final recovery of the used solvent, allowing a reduction of atmospheric pollution, of the extraction time and of the costs of analysis.

The equipment is controlled by a programmable microprocessor allowing to choose among 29 programs: two different displays will constantly show actual temperature and residual working time for the selected program.

The extractions are performed under high safety conditions because the equipment follows the norms DEI EN 60529 with an IP 55 protection degree and is manufactured from advanced materials and with innovative technical details.

The main sectors of application include the analysis of food, feed, detergents, rubber and plastic formulates, pharmaceutical products, soils and others, for their content of soluble components like fats, tensides, plastifiers and pesticides.

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