CTO-20A/AC Prominence HPLC Column Ovens from Shimadzu

CTO-20A/AC Prominence HPLC Column Ovens from Shimadzu

CTO-20A/AC Prominence HPLC Column Ovens from Shimadzu


"The Prominence Column Temperature Ovens (CTO) are large-capacity forced air circulation devices that rely on automatic fan speed control for precise temperature control. The fan speed varies with the set temperature through a quick feedback sensor mechanism to maintain the desired temperature. The CTO-20AC model includes a Peltier device for sub-ambient temperature control up to 10oC below room temperature. Whether stand-alone or as part of a Prominence HPLC system, the CTO family will provide you with the precise temperature control you demand.

  • Wide Temperature Control Range
    The column ovens have a maximum temperature of 85oC. The built-in CPU allows the temperature to be controlled via a time program and even permits linear temperature programming, allowing temperature gradients to be used for chromatographic enhancement. The set temperature can be controlled by a time program, and permits linear temperature regulation.

  • Precise Temperature Regulation
    The interior of the oven is precisely regulated with a high-performance thermistor. The temperature is calibrated at two different temperatures to ensure a high level of temperature accuracy.

  • Large Internal Capacity
    A manual injector, mixer, and two flow-switching valves can all be accommodated within the oven for the ultimate in temperature stability. The column oven can hold up to 10 analytical columns.

  • Column Management
    An optional Column Management Device (CMD), a re-writeable memory tag attached to your column, will automatically store the number of injections, total volume of mobile phase delivered, and last mobile phase used."


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemCTO-20A/AC Prominence HPLC Column Ovens
  • CompanyShimadzu
  • PriceGet Quote
  • Catalog NumberCTO-20A/AC
  • Temperature Range[RT + 10C] to 85C
  • QuantityEA
  • Capacity10 columns, max 25 cm length
  • Temperature ControlForced Air Circulation
  • Cooling MethodNone
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