Organics XXS Bundle for Organic Synthesis from EMD Millipore

Organics XXS Bundle for Organic Synthesis from EMD Millipore

Organics XXS Bundle for Organic Synthesis from EMD Millipore


The Organics XXS product line is based on the philosophy that less is more. Ordering the small quantities means more savings for your business, more safety for users, and more sustainable practices. With XXS everyone benefits.

From numerous chemicals in convenient XXS sizes, to high-quality solvents, TLC plates, coupling reagents and sample prep cartridges – the Organics XXS bundle has all the tools you require for research and discovery.

Specially developed for organic chemists, the bundle offers everything you need – including the highest quality. Choose from our extensive XXS range of organic chemicals in economical small pack sizes. Or take advantage of our anhydrous solvents, leading TLC plates, innovative coupling reagents, and efficient sample prep cartridges. Whether you’re developing a new drug candidate or chemical reaction, get a head start with our Organics XXS bundle.

  • Less waste due to smaller packaging sizes
  • Avoidance of excess chemicals
  • Reduced release of harmful emissions into the environment
  • Efficient use of resources by paying only for required quantities
  • Lower cost for disposal, storage and shipment of excess chemicals
  • Limits contact with toxic chemicals
  • Decreases risk of explosions, fires and other accidents
  • Protects lab environment from hazardous emissions
  • Organics XXS: Palladium and Platinum Reagents
  • Organics XXS: Crown Ethers
  • Dried Solvents SeccoSolv® & SeccoSept®
  • TLC Plates
  • Coupling Reagents
  • LiChrolut® Cartridges
  • and more...


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