HI 4521 pH/Conductivity (USP) Bench Meter from Hanna Instruments

HI 4521 pH/Conductivity (USP) Bench Meter from Hanna Instruments

HI 4521 pH/Conductivity (USP) Bench Meter from Hanna Instruments


HI 4521 is a USP compliant dual-channel, research-grade laboratory pH/EC bench meter with a backlit 240 x 320 dot-matrix color screen and millesimal measuring resolution.

Features include auto-logging and real-time graphic displays, auto-end point mode and a fully customizable SETUP button. This unit allows for automatic (ATC) or manual (MTC) temperature compensation. For accountability, on-screen GLP data displays calibration information, including buffer values and expiration date concurrent to measurement readout and logged graph data.

For ISE measurements, an ionic strength constant value is stored with GLP data. During ISE Mode, the user has a choice of several incremental methods. With the option to choose up to 5 calibration points for pH - selected from a list of 5 custom and 8 memorized buffers - the system can be fitted to any desired measuring range.

Our exclusive Calibration Check™ diagnostics system keeps the user informed about the quality and condition of the electrode and buffer groups for calibration. An enhanced warning system, with acoustic signals alerts the user when measuring outside the calibration range. This system will also remind the user when a new calibration is due, or when the wrong buffer is being employed during calibration.

The user may consult the on-board contextual help from any mode simply by pressing the HELP menu. All the features are available in English, Italian, French and Spanish. Galvanically isolated measurement channels of HI 4521 eliminates interference and instability. HI 4521 performs all 3 stages of USP <645> conductivity tests for water quality and provides clear directions on how to run each testing stage. This instrument automatically monitors the temperature, conductivity and stability during testing and determines whether a sample is within UPS limits.

This unit is equipped with USB and RS232 ports for PC connectivity and a 12 Vdc power supply.

  • Two input channels;
  • Eight measurement parameters: pH, mV, ISE (HI 4522 only), conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity and temperature
  • Manual selection, automatic and semiautomatic pH calibration in up to five points, with standard (1.68, 3.00, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01 and 12.45) and custom buffers (up to 5 custom buffers)
  • Pure water checking using the USP <645> standard
  • Conductivity probe automatic recognition
  • Automatic or custom standard conductivity calibration in up to four points, probe offset calibration
  • One fixed point salinity calibration (Percent Scale only)
  • AutoHold feature to freeze first stable reading on the LCD
  • Two selectable alarm limits (for pH, mV, ISE, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity)
  • Three selectable logging modes: Automatic, Manual, AutoHold logging
  • Up to 100 logging lots for automatic or manual modes and up to 200 USP reports, up to 100 ISE methods reports
  • Selectable area and sampling period feature for automatic logging
  • GLP feature
  • Online and offline graph
  • User-friendly interface on large color graphic LCD (240 x 320 pixels)
  • Opto-isolated PC interface via RS232, respectively USB.


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemHI 4521 pH/Conductivity (USP) Bench Meter
  • CompanyHanna Instruments
  • PriceGet Quote
  • Catalog NumberHI 4521
  • QuantityEA
  • Measurement Mode(s)pH, Conductivity
  • pH Range-2.0 to 20.0, -2.00 to 20.00, -2.000 to 20.000 pH
  • Measurement Resolution0.001 to 0.1 (pH) and 0.001 uS/cm to 1 mS/cm (EC)
  • Temperature CompensationAutomatic or Manual from -20.0 to 120.0C (pH) and Linear and Non-Linear -Natural Water (EC)
  • Conductivity Measuring Range0.000 to 1000 mS/cm
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