Solvent Evaporator

What are solvent evaporators?

Solvent evaporators are used to remove organic solvent and/or water from samples that need to be analyzed. A solvent evaporator decreases evaporation time, allowing for a more productive laboratory.

Where kinds of lab testing will you find solvent evaporators

Food, chemical, petroleum, environmental, and life science industries use solvent evaporators to prepare samples for analysis.

What types of solvent evaporators are there?

There are several types of solvent evaporators, including nitrogen, rotary, and heat, that use gas, motion, and heat, respectively, to speed the evaporation process.

What to consider when choosing a solvent evaporators?

When choosing a solvent evaporator, one should consider which features are needed in a particular lab. The sample size required; adjustable container size; speed of evaporation; available solvent recovery system; hood space needed, if any; and how high a solvent boiling point it can accommodate are some of the things that vary from one solvent evaporator to another.

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