Solvent Extractor

What is a sovlent extractor?

Solvent extractors are used to remove substances from solid or semisolid matrices for further analysis. Solvent extraction can also be done on liquids by using a liquid-liquid extraction process.

What applications involve the use of a sovlent extractor?

Used in industries as diverse as nuclear, perfume, environmental, plastics, food, and pharmaceuticals, solvent extractors are used to prepare samples for analysis as to their content of fat, pesticide, plastifiers, and other soluble components.

How does a sovlent extractor work?

A solvent extractor works by using a specific solvent to preferentially dissolve a substance from a sample.

What to consider when choosing a sovlent extractor?

If an extractor is for liquid or solid/semisolid samples, the number of samples it can accommodate, time to extract, and whether or not it has a solvent recovery system are some of the features to consider when choosing a solvent extractor.

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