Agricultural Test Equipment and Instruments

Agricultural test equipment and instruments are used to automatically run tests on things like moisture content and the degree of milling. As rice is milled, the outer bran is removed from the grain, leaving the rice whiter than before milling. By using one type of agricultural testing equipment, a rice whiteness meter, the degree of milling can be determined, and the rice or other grain can be milled to the specifications desired.

Another common use of agricultural testing instruments is measuring moisture content. There are moisture meters for grains, hay, and soil. Grain and hay moisture meters measure the amount of moisture in the agricultural product, while the soil moisture meter helps to maintain irrigation at the proper levels.

Considerations for purchasing agricultural test equipment?

To choose the appropriate agricultural testing equipment and instruments, keep in mind the product being grown. If you are growing a grain other than rice, make sure that the grain moisture meter can be calibrated for moisture measurements in that particular grain. When selecting moisture meters, it is also important to look at the moisture percentage range that can be measured, how many batches can have their data stored, and if the machine does statistical analysis.

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