Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fume hoods in the laboratory

Laboratory Fume Hoods A laboratory fume hood is a contained workspace that doesn't allow fumes to escape its borders. It may be a large compartment with a workbench at a height that allows one to stand and work on it, a smaller portable unit that can be moved to where it is needed, or a huge walk-in, room-like structure.

The main reason for using a fume hood is to protect those using it from breathing in irritating or toxic fumes created by reactions or experiments being done inside the hood. Laboratory fume hoods are used in a variety of labs, including medical, environmental, high tech industry, and research, to protect their workers. Air is pulled from the front of the laboratory fume hood and out through a vent, which either leads the fumes outside or through a filter and back into the room.
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Considerations for purchasing a laboratory fume hood

When choosing a laboratory fume hood you must consider the type of work for which it will be used. For example, if working with carcinogens, you need the air to be pulled through at a higher velocity than if there are no carcinogens present. Also, materials can react with surfaces differently, so knowing the samples you're working with will help you decide what surface your workbench should be. Energy consumption is another feature that varies considerably between hoods.

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