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Thermal AnalysisThermal analyzers are instruments that analyze materials as they change with temperature relating to heat, such as freezing and boiling temperatures, the heat of fusion, the heat of vaporization, etc.

What are thermal analyzers used for?

Thermal analyzers can be used in chemistry, industrial, diagnostic, or research laboratories. Thermal analyzers can be used for a variety of applications, including:
  • QA/QC applications
  • Studying pharmaceutical processes
  • Polymer analysis
  • Medical research

What are different types of thermal analyzers?

There are many types of thermal analyzers, some of the main types include dielectric analyzers, dilatometers, differential thermal analyzers, simultaneous thermal analyzers, thermal conductivity analyzers. Sub-types include thermogravimetric analyzer and thermomechenical anlyzers, which allow for thermal analysis.

Dielectric analyzers use an oscillating electrical field to investigate the curing behavior of thermosetting resin systems, composite materials, adhesives and paints.

Dilatometers, another type of thermal analyzer measures the volume changes caused by a physical or chemical process. Dilatometers have been used in the fabrication of metallic alloys, compressed refractory compounds, glasses, ceramic products, composite materials and plastics.
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