Capillary Liquid Chromatography (Capillary HPLC)

Similar to an HPLC instrument, capillary liquid chromatography pumps materials at high pressure through a separation column to identify, quantify, and purify compounds of interest. A capillary HPLC system includes a column, detector and solvent delivery system. However, capillary HPLC uses a smaller separation column (<0.3mm) than conventional HPLC which are usually made from fused silica capillaries. A capillary liquid chromatograph is used widely in biochemistry and analytical chemistry for unknown characterization, proteome investigations, and LC/MS. There are several advantages to capillary HPLC which includes taller peaks, improved detection limits, and less sample consumption.

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2D Micro HPLC System for Proteome Analysis
  • Detector(s): LCMS, MALDI Spotting
  • Flow Rate: Inquire
  • Max. Pressure: Inquire
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