VOC Meter / VOC Analyzer (Volatile Organic Compound Analyzers)

A volatile organic compound (VOC) meter or VOC analyzer is used to test air, soil, and water for contaminants. Volatile organic compound analyzers are used in industry to measure pollutants in wastewater and in the air in and around factories, in agriculture, and in clean water and sewage monitoring. VOC meters use either gas chromatography or a photoionization detector (PID) to analyze the samples. Gas chromatography utilizes the gas formed by the contaminants to create a spectrum that signifies what particles are in the sample. PID employs UV light to excite the volatile organic compounds, which then appear as an ion current, alerting the user to what contaminants are present.

Considerations for purchasing a VOC meter

Some volatile organic compound meters are used only for air, while other VOC meters test for soil and water. Other differences between volatile organic compound analyzers include the concentration of VOCs that can be detected, how many contaminants can be tested for at once, and whether or not the VOC analyzer is portable. A VOC meter that continuously tests the air may also be supplied with an alarm that sounds if a specific contaminant is present.

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