Stereo Microscope

CompanyNikon Instruments
ItemSMZ445/ SMZ460 Zoom Stereomicroscope
Catalog NumberSMZ445 / SMZ460
DescriptionThe SMZ445 and SMZ460 deliver the outstanding optical performance you expect from Nikon's cutting-edge series of stereoscopic zoom microscopes. Porro prisms enable a lightweight, compact design. Choose between the two models: the SMZ445 with 0.8x - 3.5x zoom magnification or the SMZ460 with 0.7x - 3...
StandDiascopic Stand, Episcopic LED Stand, Plain Stand
Eyepiece Magnification10x, 15x, 20x
Objective Magnification0.5x, 0.7x (optional)
Total Magnification8x to 35x (SMZ445) or 7x to 30x (SMZ460)
IlluminationC-FIR Fiber-optics Ring Illuminator, C-FID Fiber-optics Bifurcated Illuminator, C-DSLS Lamphouse, G-LS Episcopic Illuminator, G-EIA Flexible Arm, C-FPS Fluorescent Ring Illuminator, SM-LW61Ji LED Illuminator
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