Electrophysiology Equipment

CompanyKF Technology SrlKF Technology SrlKF Technology Srl
ItemEAG Chemoreception Insect Electrophysiology SystemCED Micro 1401 MKII & Power 1401MED64 Multi-Electrode Array
Catalog Number1401 MKII / 1401MED64
DescriptionInstruments for electrophysiological and behavioural research, particularly for the study of insect chemoreception and related fields. The current product range is rather broad and comprises instruments for electrophysiology, data-acquisition, biodetectors for gas chromatography, activity and motion...The Power1401 is faster, and has more instrumentation ports than the Micro. The Micro has the facilities and the speed that most users need, most of the time.

The Power processor is typically some 3x faster and the base memory is 32x larger, enabling more complex on-line analysis, seen for example ...
The MED64 is a user-friendly multi-electrode array (MEA) system for stimulation and recording of field potentials (extracellular signals) from different areas within a biological sample over hours, days, weeks and even months. Acute or cultured biological preparations are placed or grown directly on...
TypeElectroAntennographyAmplifiers, Stimulators & Data Acquisition SystemsMulti-Electrode Array
ApplicationsChemoreception Insect ElectrophysiologyElectrophysiologyStimulation and recording of field potentials (extracellular signals)
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