OMNISEC GPC/SEC system from Malvern Panalytical


In OMNISEC, Malvern's expertise has enabled the development of the most sensitive and accurate multi-detector GPC/SEC system available for the characterization of synthetic and natural polymers, and proteins.

OMNISEC RESOLVE combines an integrated pump, degasser, autosampler and column oven in a single advanced separations unit.

OMNISEC REVEAL is the most advanced integrated GPC/SEC multi-detector available, incorporating refractive index, UV/Vis absorbance, light scattering and intrinsic viscosity detectors.

  • Optimized isocratic pump and improved degassing efficiency in OMNISEC RESOLVE offers unrivalled flow rate stability to reduce baseline noise in all detectors
  • Integrated column oven in OMNISEC RESOLVE maintains a stable separation temperature, all the way up to 65°C
  • Autosampler with zero injection volume overhead mode prevents wastage of your most precious samples, and can cool fragile samples to 4°C to protect them from aggregation and degradation
  • OMNISEC REVEAL's light scattering detector is the most sensitive available enabling measurements of molecular weights as low as 200 Da and injection masses as low as 100 ng
  • The self-balancing differential viscometer in OMNISEC REVEAL has user exchangeable capillaries to make it more robust and usable than any other available
  • Combine data from multiple detectors to calculate hydrodynamic radius (Rh), radius of gyration (Rg), and Mark-Houwink parameters