KNF Rotary Evaporators from KNF Neuberger, Inc.


A long time global leader in manufacturing laboratory pumps and systems, KNF has combined its long-standing strengths of engineering and product manufacturing with the practical requirements that lab technicians need. The result? KNF rotary evaporators are designed to impress thanks to their distinct handling advantages, clever functional details, and well thought out safety features.

RC 600
  • Specifically developed for universities and educational facilities
  • Central control unit for consolidated management of all functions
  • Unfailingly meets unique safety requirements of training labs
  • Designed to withstand continuous intensive use
  • Operation is quick to learn, easy to use

RC 900
  • Full range of features to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation
  • Designed for everyday use, tailored to practical laboratory needs
  • Intuitive, award-winning design and valuable functions
  • Enhanced user safety via Bluetooth wireless control
  • High-performance and whisper quiet operation