RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kits

Invitrogen Stranded RNA Library Prep Kits for Illumina systems (Thermo Fisher Scientific) generate strand-specific libraries directly from RNA, rather than from cDNA, for a more accurate representation of sample complexity. The kit combines the features of SuperScript IV Reverse Transcriptase, Dynabeads magnetic particles, and Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase, enabling scientists to obtain high-quality, sequencing-ready libraries. Included in the library prep portfolio are a rapid RNA-seq kit for whole transcriptome sequencing that includes ribosomal depletion for human, mouse, and rat that is completed in under 6.5 hours, and a rapid RNA-seq kit for mRNA analysis that is completed in under 4.5 hours. Each Collibri RNA-seq kit includes tracking dyes to visually confirm proper technique or alert the user to improperly mixed reagents so that the library construction error may be corrected, and a successful library generated.