Cell Lysis Tools

Chromatrap Lysis and Hypotonic buffers from Porvair Sciences are formulated to act rapidly, gently, and efficiently, ensuring reproducible results with high-quality chromatin yields from various sample types. Chromatrap Hypotonic buffer provides effective disruption of cell membranes through swelling of the cells. It delivers effective lysis of cell membranes to aid in the release of cell nuclei from a wide range of organisms. Chromatrap Lysis buffer is formulated to ensure the nuclear membrane is disrupted, releasing a high yield of nuclear material. The Chromatrap Lysis buffer for enzymatic shearing provides users with a complete lysis buffer for the disruption of nuclear cell membranes and contains a milder detergent than is required for mechanical fragmentation. Alternatively, the Chromatrap Lysis buffer for sonication is designed to ensure effective nuclear lysis and mechanical shearing for a range of organisms and is well-suited for difficult-to-lyse cell types and tissues.