Flow Modulator for GC×GC

The FLUX flow modulator option for routine GC×GC analysis is offered by LECO. Its simple design makes the flow modulator easy for the user to set up and start performing GC×GC analysis. The flow-based modulator is well-suited for users who want to perform robust GC×GC analysis but do not need the sensitivity of standard quad jet thermal modulation. In addition, the modular does not require cryogens to carry out GC×GC, saving the user time and resources in the lab. Method development is also simplified, as there are only two parameters for the user to manage; the flows are handled by software so users do not have to set these themselves. The FLUX flow modulator is available for purchase with Pegasus BT 4D; users may also upgrade their existing Pegasus BT system to GC×GC with FLUX.

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