Ultralow-Temperature Freezers

Standard Performance (STP) ultralow-temperature (ULT) freezers from Thermo Fisher Scientific provide optimal sample protection, lower energy usage, significant operational savings, and quieter operation. Together with the company’s ENERGY STAR-certified TSX ULT freezers, the STP platform provides a complete portfolio of cold storage equipment to suit ultralow application requirements.

Designed with sample safety at their core, STP –80 °C ULT freezers provide temperature stability and uniformity throughout the internal chamber, reliably preserving the most valuable samples. This includes rapid door-opening recovery to minimize sample temperature fluctuation during normal use. Powered by H-drive technology, the systems utilize environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants, meeting the industry’s most stringent sustainability objectives from the U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy and European Union’s F-Gas Regulation, which calls for the abolishment of ozone-depleting refrigerants by 2020.

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