Cold Trap for Protecting Vacuum Pumps, Evaporators, and Dryers

The updated Vapor Trap from SP Scientific is a next-generation cold trap for protecting oil-sealed vacuum pumps, evaporators, and dryers from corrosive and harmful vapors that may shorten operating lifetime. Incorporating a stainless-steel chamber with mechanically refrigerated walls, the cold trap provides highly efficient vapor trapping without the time-consuming inconvenience, expense, and hazard of expendable coolants such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The compact unit is available in a choice of 2-, 4-, and 8-L condenser configurations, operates down to –90 °C, and can be used in vapor streams with vacuum pumps up to 250 L (9 cubic feet) per minute. An external T type thermocouple feature provides labs with the convenience of remote temperature display and monitoring.

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