Laser Particle Size Analyzer

The LA-960 particle size analyzer from Horiba provides fast, accurate particle size determination. High-performance features include:

  • Ability to measure particle size between 10 nanometers and 5 millimeters
  • State-of-the-art nanoparticle measurement resolves peaks at 30 nanometers
  • Suitable for suspensions, emulsions, powders, pastes, gels, and creams
  • Easy-to-use dry powder accessory
  • Requires only micrograms of sample, minimizing cost of analysis
  • Flexible, fully automated measurement sequences maximize precision and method compliance
  • High reproducibility and unit-to-unit agreement
  • Measurements in less than 60 seconds boost productivity
  • Based on the ultradurable LA-950 platform, noted for its reliability

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