Vaporizing Regulator for GC

Emerson offers the TESCOM 44-6800 Series Vaporizing Regulator for gas chromatograph analyzers. The series features the option to separate the regulator body from the electronic enclosure, without compromising global hazardous location certifications. This design protects the regulator’s electronics from extreme high temperatures in petrochemical refineries and processing plants. Designed for sample conditioning systems for online GC analysis, the regulator promotes greater reliability and accuracy in sample testing results, while simplifying system commissioning, reducing maintenance, and enabling remote and local monitoring to meet global process requirements. Its optional certified separability enables the user to detach the electrical housing—which contains sensitive electronics, power supply, and temperature adjustment dial—from the regulator body. This can then be installed in a lower temperature environment, preventing sensitive electronics from being exposed to ambient temperatures exceeding 149° F (65 °C). Separability, coupled with high tolerance to voltage spikes and extreme ambient temperatures, ensures optimal performance and safety in locations rated as hazardous. The series is available in two body material options: 316 stainless steel and nickel alloy.

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