Liquid Helium-Free, High-Field Scanners

Commercially available liquid helium-free technology, which was developed by MR Solutions, is now available in a range of MRI and multimodality MRI scanners (with PET and SPECT modules) from 3T up to 9.4T. Benefits of being liquid helium-free include:

  • A solenoid can be placed on the casing, which reduces the stray magnetic field to a few centimeters
  • No need for ongoing and costly helium top-ups
  • Units can be transported without cranes or extensive building alterations to accommodate the scanners and extensive emergency venting required with a “wet” MRI scanner
  • Multimodality imaging eliminates the need for separate systems; PET-MRI or SPECT-MRI imaging either for independent acquisition, sequential acquisition, or simultaneous acquisition
  • Units can be placed in Class 3 and 4 laboratories because there is no external exhaust required and the stray magnetic field is negligible.

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