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Thermo Scientific (Forma)

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Steri-cycle CO2 Incubator

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Model 370

Our lab has owned eight of these incubators, many for almost a decade now and they have performed wonderfully for our mammalian cell culture needs.  Anyone doing routine cell culture knows that contamination is a primary concern.  The Steri-cycle solves this problem by providing a novel bake out feature.  You simply remove your cells, set the sterilization cycle (it takes overnight) and it bakes off any contamination without having to disassemble and autoclave the parts.  Another great feature is the HEPA filter that keeps airborne contamination to a minimum and it is also quite easy to change. We do so once every six months and haven't had many breaches. Another major advantage of this incubator is it has direct heat as opposed to using a water jacket like most conventional lab incubators use. Over the time we've had these units, we've only had to replace the consumable parts (filters, etc) and an occasional door gasket.  We have not had any major mechanical malfunctions in any of these units attesting to their quality construction. A few of them do have some minor rust pitting after years in service, but what incubator doesn't? In summary, the features and performance of this incubator make it well worth the investment. 

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