• Advancing Drug Discovery With MALDI Mass Spectrometry

    Advancing Drug Discovery With MALDI Mass Spectrometry

    MS has been used to rapidly screen through compound libraries of up to a million substances. In particular, the highly automated workflows, high-volume microplate reading and handling systems, and rapid assay screening times have made MALDI-TOF MS a popular technology in the drug discovery pipeline. Read More
  • Mass Spectrometric Detection for the Masses

    Mass Spectrometric Detection for the Masses

    The LC/MSD iQ is a major design step forward that will make MS detection in applied labs much more affordable and available. The self-examination and prognostics will greatly improve adoptability with its multiuser capabilities for non-spectrometrists or non-chromatographers. Read More
  • Tuning Up Titrators

    Tuning Up Titrators

    Although titration by hand remains a valuable learning tool, platforms on the market make this technique easier to do and more accurate. Read More
  • The Green Machines

    The Green Machines

    University sustainability programs change science’s environmental footprint. Read More
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  • Small but Powerful Workhorse
    Small but Powerful WorkhorseCompact and easy-to-use, the Infinity system allows you to collect small amounts of the fraction of interest. The Infinity does not have to be in the fume hood, and a trained lab ... Read Review
  • Really Helpful for Acid Cleaning!
    Really Helpful for Acid Cleaning!AC200M from Amerlab is helping me clean the microwave liners with full automation and excellent cleanliness. It can rinse the liners with UPW and dry them with hot air ... Read Review