Steel-Shell Centrifuge: Small Footprint, Big Speed, User Safety

Steel-Shell Centrifuge: Small Footprint, Big Speed, User Safety

Friday, July 1, 2016
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Multipurpose or general-purpose centrifuges are indispensable tools used to separate components in a variety of solutions. While vendor offerings encompass both floor and benchtop models, there are many benefits to choosing a benchtop centrifuge. NuWind benchtop centrifuges (NuAire, Inc.) incorporate technological advances that offer researchers direct performance, ergonomic and safety benefits. Of note, an 8-mm (5/16”) steel shell minimizes unit footprint while delivering high capacity and speeds relative to instrument size. Mono- and multifunctional and refrigerated and ventilated models provide a range of innovative technical innovations designed to optimize productivity, improve results, save time and provide greater relative centrifugal force (RCF).

Image Figure 1 – ClickSpin allows installation and removal of rotors without a tool.

The ability to swap rotors is a relatively recent innovation in centrifuges, and the NuWind line offers an easy method: “ClickSpin” allows rotors to be removed and installed without a tool (Figure 1). With the motor shaft and rotor aligned, an audible click signals that the rotor is locked in place. To unlock, the red dial of the rotor is rotated counterclockwise while stabilizing the rotor body; a click indicates when the rotor is unlocked from the motor shaft. ClickSpin makes it easy to adapt the unit to different applications and to clean the unit’s interior.

NuWind centrifuges feature an InSight Electronic Control Center (ECC)— a plug-and-play box located on the exterior that houses the “brains” of the instrument. A touchscreen simplifies controls. The ECC houses up to 99 run programs, provides service reminders, uses imbalance calibration software, maintains a logbook that monitors use, provides service alerts for accessories and has a light that indicates completion of a cycle. Rotor recognition prevents out-of-tolerance use. Touchscreen controls featuring easy-to-read and clearly defined menus help speed tasks and eliminate errors. Should the need arise, the entire InSight ECC can be unplugged, programs transferred and a new Control Center plugged in.

Performance features include an automatic lid-locking mechanism to keep users safe. Imbalance detection recognizes tell-tale, out-of-range vibrations and stops the motor. Power Factor Control detects facility power fluctuations and supplies constant, uniform voltage and amperage to the motor. Shock absorbers remove vibrations, providing quiet operation.

Image Figure 2 – NU-C200V Ventilated centrifuge.
Image Figure 3 – NU-C200R Refrigerated centrifuge.

Finding use in cell culture, bioproduction, blood separation, microbiology, virology, bacteriology, immunology, genetics, molecular biology, proteomics, microbiology and other applications, NuWind currently is offered in two models. NU-C200V (Ventilated, 15,300 rpm, 22,380 x g) (Figure 2) and NU-C200R (Refrigerated, 18,000 rpm, 30,980 x g) (Figure 3). Instruments provide speeds up o 18,000 rpm, 30,980 x g. Ventilated model NU-C200V offers an air-first design that cools the chamber and maintains an environment that does not exceed 37 °C. Refrigerated model NU-C200R features a robust refrigeration system to maintain a stable environment and a power filtration system provides clean line voltage. Contact NuAire representatives at 800-328-3352 for more information.


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