Definiens Expands Functionality of Its Leading Solution for Quantitative Digital Pathology with Gene Probe Analysis

Definiens Tissue Studio Now Supports the Detection of Spot-like Signals from In Situ Hybridization Assays

Munich, Germany, May 10, 2012 / B3C newswire/ - Definiens®, the leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for quantitative digital pathology, today announced that Definiens Tissue Studio® 3.5 now supports the automated analysis of in situ hybridization assays, including SISH, CISH, FISH and dual-ISH. The unique combination of flexibility and ease-of-use that characterizes Definiens Tissue Studio® significantly facilitates the detection of spot-like signals originating from gene probes (or any other stain with spot-like appearance) on a cell-by-cell basis. Definiens Tissue Studio® supports the detection of gene probe signals in both brightfield and immunofluorescene imaging.

The novel functionality complements the robust detection of regions of interest and the comprehensive quantification of cellular parameters and biomarker expression profiles. Definiens Tissue Studio® can be used to analyze images from any solid tissue with any stain, acquired by any scanner or microscope, and in any common file format. With these technological advances, pathologists and researchers can adapt preconfigured solutions to their specific assays with just a few clicks in no more than 30 minutes.

Straightforward workflow, intuitive configuration, as well as flexibility and robustness, have established Definiens Tissue Studio as the leading image analysis solution for quantitative digital pathology. Definiens Tissue Studio opens new dimensions in quantification by significantly reducing study times in translational research, preclinical safety, tissue-based biomarker development and clinical trials around the world. The new version includes a range of improvements that make it easier to use and more powerful than ever.

³Definiens has developed significant experience in the analysis of in situ hybridization assays in recent years,² said Thomas Heydler, CEO of Definiens. ³In Definiens Tissue Studio® 3.5, we now make this available to our customers in a very easy-to-use workflow that supports virtually any type of 2D ISH assay. This further strengthens Definiens Tissue Studio¹s position as the most comprehensive software package for quantitative digital pathology.²

With just a single configuration, Definiens Tissue Studio® automates the detection of regions of interest and has the capacity to distinguish individual cells and subcellular structures even in heterogeneous tissues samples. The software provides quantitative readouts on morphological characteristics and molecular expression profiles of nuclear, cytoplasmic and membrane biomarkers. In addition, Definiens Tissue Studio® supports robust detection of vessels for automated angiogenesis assays as well as extensive multiplexing for the quantification of numerous parameters from the same tissue sample in immunofluorescence assays.

Visit to learn more or watch the recordings of an introductory webinar series on Definiens¹ YouTube channel.

About Definiens

Definiens is the leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for quantitative digital pathology in the life sciences, diagnostic biomarkers and healthcare industries. Definiens software provides detailed readouts from whole tissue slides, cell-based assays and full body scans and allows correlating this information with data derived from other sources. By automating analysis workflows, Definiens helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutions, clinical service organizations and pathologists to generate new knowledge and supports better decisions in research, diagnostics and therapy. Definiens¹ vision is to open new fields of research, to contribute to development of personalized medicine and to significantly improve the quality of patients¹ lives.

Definiens is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has offices throughout the United States.

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