Annai Systems to Power Genomic Medicine for Oncologists Through Acquisition of MedTrust Online

LOS GATOS, Calif., May 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Annai Systems Inc., a private company that develops and deploys high-performance network technology for genomic research and medicine, announced that it has completed the acquisition of MedTrust Online LLC—the world's largest on-line community of oncologists— through an asset-purchase transaction. For over three years, MedTrust has delivered timely information about the latest diagnostic and treatment options, as well as informal consultation by its panel of experts, to a registry of more than 10,000 oncologists worldwide—including the vast majority of those in the United States.

"We have clear evidence that oncologists in the MedTrust community are increasingly determined to incorporate genomic insights into the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and have an expanding appetite for the data, knowledge, expertise, and services that enable them to do so," said Chris Yoo, Ph.D., formerly CEO of MedTrust and now Senior Vice President of Business Development for Annai. "Powered by the genome network technology of Annai, the MedTrust portal will soon enable individual oncologists to realize the highest levels of precision care for their patients through direct access to the full ecosystem of genomic research and medicine."

"For Annai, the MedTrust transaction represents another major step in building end-to-end, network infrastructure that enables the multi-lateral flow of genomic data and knowledge between individuals and communities in research and medicine," said Annai's CEO, Lawrence Ganeshalingam. "This is a key cornerstone of the Annai vision."

Last month, Annai announced that it had licensed its network operating system (Annai-GNOSTM) to the University of California, Santa Cruz for operation of a large new data repository in which the Annai system will enable storage, management and high-speed distribution of genomic and other Big Data from the major research initiatives of the National Cancer Institute, including The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).

Annai Systems Inc. located in California's Silicon Valley, is a private company that develops and commercializes high-performance network solutions to support the collaborative needs and workflows of genomic research and medicine.


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Annai Systems
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