ATCC Announces Agreements Providing Access to Promega Corporation’s Nanoluc™, Glosensor™, and Halotag® Technologies

New Technologies Will Aid in Cellular Discovery and Analysis

Manassas, VA, June 4, 2012—ATCC, the premier biological materials resource and standards organization, announces that it has signed non-exclusive licensing agreements with Promega Corporation to provide access to develop, receive and distribute biological materials containing Promega’s proprietary NanoLuc™, GloSensor™, and HaloTag® technologies. New and existing products are both covered under these licenses, enabling researchers to deposit and receive cells and cell derivatives that utilize these broadly utilized technologies.

“ATCC is committed to innovating around our biological assets by integrating powerful and well-known technologies with our collection materials,” said Brian A. Pollok, Ph.D., ATCC President. “Through this trio of new technologies, ATCC is now better able to accession, develop and distribute novel products, and deliver new services, which will drive biological research.”

GloSensor represents a broadly used labeling platform technology using bioluminescence for the intracellular detection of signal transduction in living cells. NanoLuc represents an improved bioluminescence detection technology: it is an ATP-independent luciferase that utilizes a novel coelenterazine analog to produce high intensity, glow-type luminescence. The enzyme, evolved from a deep-sea shrimp, is much brighter than firefly luciferase and provides superior sensitivity as a genetic reporter.

The HaloTag platform addresses the need for flexibility in functional protein analysis. The technology is based on the formation of a covalent bond between a protein tag and synthetic ligands and is designed to enable understanding of protein function in a cellular and biochemical environment.

“ATCC is known for the breadth and depth of their quality biological materials offerings. We are pleased to be supporting such a strong industry leader to further enable industry and academic researchers,” said Tom Livelli, Promega Vice President of Life Sciences Products and Services.


Since 1925, ATCC has operated as an independent, non-profit entity that has helped life science organizations and academic institutions produce innovations that have benefited humankind: creating life saving vaccines, nutritional improvements, cancer research breakthroughs, and safer, more effective medications. With distribution to more than 140 countries and a working relationship with 12 distribution partners, ATCC has the experience, knowledge, rigor, tradition and the global reach to serve academic institutions, government agencies, biotech, biopharma, and research organizations around the world.

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Promega Corporation is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. The company’s 2,000 products enable scientists worldwide to advance their knowledge in genomics, proteomics, cellular analysis, molecular diagnostics and human identification. Founded in 1978, the company is headquartered in Madison, WI, USA with branches in 15 countries and over 50 global distributors.

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