Titian Announces Three Installations in China of its Mosaic(tm) Sample Management Software

LONDON, UK (15 June 2012): Leading sample management software provider, Titian Software, has announced three orders in China for its Mosaic sample management software, significantly increasing Mosaic¹s footprint in the Far East. The orders have come from the research facilities in Shanghai of two major pharmaceutical companies, and at the R&D base in Nanjing of a contract research organization. Software installations will take place from mid-2012.

Explaining the significance of the Chinese deals, Edmund Wilson, Titian¹s CEO, said: ³Mosaic is used widely in pharma and biotech companies in Europe and the US to control and monitor all aspects of sample management, whether enterprise-wide or single-site. These new deals in China represent a major expansion for us in this region, and show that, irrespective of where the research and development is conducted, Mosaic is the reliable and cost-effective sample management solution.² Mosaic is also used by academic and government-funded research centres, and in the Far East the software has been successfully used for over 18 months at the Experimental Therapeutics Centre in Singapore.

Mosaic is the industry-leading software for compound management and is gaining traction in other areas of sample management. It optimizes the trackingordering and preparation of small molecule compounds, biological samples and reagents. It provides users with workflow management modules and integration with automated stores, liquid handlers, sample handling robotics and a variety of laboratory automation systems, and has been chosen by 13 of the Top 20 bio-pharmaceutical companies for their sample management needs.

For more information on Mosaic and its applications, please visit the Titian Software booth at the 2012 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition, June 19-21 in Shanghai, or the Titian website at www.titian.co.uk.