A Compact, Flexible Robot That Any Scientist Can Use

22nd FEBRUARY 2011 - Agilent Automation Solutions has announced the BenchBot Robot - a new mid-sized microplate handler designed to meet the automation workflow needs of diverse laboratories.

Demonstrated in an informative new online streaming video the BenchBot Robot incorporates the robust functionality of Agilent Automation's larger automated microplate handlers into a compact design for use in small lab spaces, enabling automation of a wide variety of changing, science-driven workflows.

The BenchBot has the capability to easily integrate with an expansive list of laboratory equipment increasing its utility for applications from next-generation sequencing and microarray sample preparation to high-throughput LC/MS sample management and numerous cell-based assays.

The power of the BenchBot comes from its flexibility, accessibility, and ease of use. The compact size of the BenchBot enables you to use it right where you need it most-
on a bench, in a fumehood, or on a docking table.

With the BenchBot robot, automated solutions move from large, specialized machines to compact, flexible robots that any scientist can use. The simplicity of the BenchBot's one-touch programming in an application requiring automation of sealing, labeling, spinning, bulk dispensing, plate reading, washing and incubating is demonstrated in the online video that shows how the fast and easy robotic configuration teaching method minimizes setup time and removes the need for dedicated personnel.

For further information on the BenchBot please visit www.chem.agilent.com/en-US/Products/Instruments/automation/Pages/AAS_BenchBot.aspx?cid=4036 or contact your local Agilent sales office.

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