WWEM 2012 Publishes Agenda for Laboratory Conference

WWEM 2012, the Water Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring event taking place in Telford UK, will feature a Process Monitoring Conference on 7th November and a Laboratory Conference on the second day of the event (8th November) that will address the key issues affecting analytical accuracy and reliability. Both Conferences have the approval of The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and can therefore contribute to delegates’ CPD.

For the second time, the WWEM laboratory conference is being organised by the British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA) which represents the interests of over 400 UKAS accredited laboratories. The Conference, entitled: ‘Advances in Measurements in Environmental Laboratories’, incorporates an impressive list of speakers from UKAS, FERA, water companies and commercial laboratories.

BMTA Director Peter Russell says: “The subject matter has been designed primarily for managers and senior staff in environmental laboratories, but the techniques and quality procedures discussed will be of interest to staff in all types of laboratory. The presentations will deal with the methods of achieving quality and consistency in both sampling and measurement, and I hope that the 2012 event will be as popular as its predecessor.”

Accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the key to ensuring that consumers, suppliers, purchasers and specifiers can have confidence in the quality of the services that laboratories provide and Jon Murthy will provide an overview of UKAS accreditation, setting out its value to those with accreditation; to customers using accredited services and to the UK economy as a whole.

David Galsworthy from the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) believes that the organisation of laboratory information and knowledge base is a difficult task, but a fundamental requirement of all the relevant Quality Standards. Drawing on 20 years of experience in quality system design and application, his presentation will provide an innovative approach for organising this data through the use of a web based content management tool. He will explain how this tool enables updating by multiple users with features such as blogs, video, photo galleries and Google maps. He will also demonstrate how the system automatically records changes and provides an opportunity for remote evaluation by Assessment Bodies.

‘AqcTools’ is a new software application that provides laboratories with statistical analysis of analytical quality control samples, leading to better monitoring of instrument and analytical performance, thereby improving the charting, reporting and auditing of AQC samples to meet DWI, UKAS and other regulatory requirements. Kim Holt and Phil Goddard have employed the software at South West Water and will explain how the key challenges have been overcome. Topics will include lifecycle testing/validation of software and validation of laboratories, test methods and laboratory software. 

Mark Handcock, from Thames Water, will also address the issue of quality in the laboratory. His presentation will review what it takes to get it right first time in a water and wastewater laboratory and will outline the consequences of getting it wrong. Additionally, he will provide a detailed examination of quality systems; looking at how to add value through the audit process; why investing in quality makes sense and what happens when it goes wrong.

The final speakers will provide practical help and advice from the perspective of commercial analytical laboratories. Hazel Davidson will explain why an emphasis on laboratory analysis and quality control can be irrelevant if the sampling is not performed correctly. Over the last two years, significant concerns have arisen regarding holding times and deviating samples. However, laboratories are expected to advise and support their clients in this regard and Hazel will summarise the problems; explaining how laboratories and field staff can overcome them.

The analysis of environmental cyanide is an issue of concern for many laboratories and Prof. Clive Thompson will provide background information and guidance on this topic. He will also discuss the various ISO and CEN cyanide methods and provide guidance on how to carry out ‘fit for purpose’ analysis of various forms of cyanide in environmental samples. His presentation will address the significance of results and how to minimise interference effects and address the issue of sample preservation.

The Chromatographic Society will be supporting WWEM 2012 and promoting the event to its members. Society President Alan Handley says, “Chromatography plays an important role in environmental analysis so we are delighted to be involved.”

The WWEM 2012 Workshops and Exhibition will be free to attend for pre-registered visitors and the conferences will cost £55 per day or £100 for both days. To register, please visit www.wwem.uk.com.

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