FEI’s New MLA EXpress Provides Turn-key Automated Mineralogy at a Reduced Price Point and Operating Cost

MLA EXpress extends automated mineralogy to a broader range of mining and service operations, where it will be used to enable optimized recovery of valuable metals from ore.

Hillsboro, Ore./November 5, 2012—FEI (NASDAQ: FEIC) today announced the release of MLA EXpress™, a low-cost, bench-top, automated mineralogy analyzer that may enable the mining industry to maximize the recovery of valuable metals from the ore. MLA EXpress extends mineral liberation analysis to a broader scale of mining operations. Shipment of the first systems is scheduled for Q1 2013.

“Mine geologists and metallurgists are challenged to determine metal recovery potential from grade information alone,” stated Paul Scagnetti, FEI’s Natural Resources vice president and general manager. “Once the ore is on the conveyor belt, they are further challenged to optimize processing methods and sequence to maximize the recovery of valuable metals from the ore. And if recovery should drop, they must quickly discover the cause of the recovery excursion and recommend appropriate corrective action. MLA EXpress gives them the graphic, mineralogical and textural information from the ore they need to make the best decisions at a cost that is affordable for smaller operations.”

Automated mineralogy involves a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and x-ray spectrometer to obtain a microscopic view of structure and composition of an ore.

The MLA EXpress is well-suited for typical mining operational environments; the simple design requires no special operational skills. Multiple analytical modes enable the flexibility to accommodate a variety of ore types and analysis requirements. Special detector and pulse counting technologies enable extremely high count rates for fast, precise analytical results. Most importantly, the low price and low operating costs of the MLA EXpress make it a cost-effective solution for a broad range of mining operations.

For more information, please visit: www.fei-natural-resources.com or contact your local FEI representative.

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