The National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) of Colombia Awards Major Contract for Core Sample Characterization Using ZEISS Electron Microscopes to Map Opportunities for Oil and Natural Gas

Sensitivity, Speed, Resolution and 3D-Analysis highlight the strengths of ZEISS FIB-SEM and Field Emission Electron Microscopes

THORNWOOD, NY: The Colombian government¹s National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) announced the award of a major contract for the characterization of shale core samples, which will use a significant number of ZEISS electron microscopes for high resolution, three dimensional imaging of subsoil organic content. The images generated by these electron microscopes will be analyzed using technology from Ingrain to better rock properties and resource locations. The ANH is responsible for promoting the sustainable development of the country¹s hydrocarbon resources through an integral management approach that harmonizes the interests of the society, country and the companies of the sector. Carl Zeiss and Ingrain will provide core characterization for the ANH to gain critical knowledge of select regions of the Colombian subsoil and its potential for hydrocarbon extraction.

"We are proud that ZEISS electron microscopes and FIB technology have been selected as a key component in this resource identification project," stated Jerry Lehman, Director of Technology at Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC. "Carl Zeiss has unique imaging capabilities that are ideally suited to the oil and gas exploration sector with the exclusive combination of ultrahigh resolution, immersion field-free imaging, simultaneous collection of in-chamber secondary electrons (SE) and energy filtering of backscattered electrons (EsB detection). We look forward to this utilization of ZEISS technology."

Carl Zeiss is at the forefront of developing analytical solutions for the oil and gas exploration sectors and is the only microscopy company worldwide with a complete portfolio of class leading light microscopes, electron microscopes and FIB-SEM systems. Carl Zeiss works in partnership with industry specialists, such as Fibics Incorporated, Fugro Robertson and Ingrain, to provide customers with integrated light and electron microscopy solutions to advance their work methods and promote both efficiency and profitability.

"With the recent integration of our Light and Electron Microscopy business units, Carl Zeiss Microscopy is now in a unique position to better serve our customers in the oil and gas sectors," stated Dr. Frank Stietz, Member of the Board of Carl Zeiss Microscopy. "We can now more efficiently leverage our complete line of products and services to create a true core to pore work flow for microscopic analysis. I am excited that we are at the forefront of an industry working to advance discovery in this important area of natural resources."

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