Phenom-World Is Introducing Elemental Mapping For The Phenom™ Prox Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Elemental Mapping is the first expansion of the Phenom proX EDS-technology. The new 2.0 Element Identification (EID) software and the introduction of Elemental Mapping create a state of the art combination of hardware integration and dedicated software.

EINDHOVEN, December 03, 2012 –The introduction of the Elemental Mapping functionality for the Phenom proX desktop SEM opens up another information source. Where the standard EID generates information of individual spots on the sample, Elemental Mapping gives insight to the general distribution of the elements.

After the successful launch of the Phenom proX in March 2012, the first significant software update is now available. Besides the integration of the Elemental Mapping, the from Fibermetric renown step by step guided process is introduced into this software. This process guides the user to make all steps necessary to get the desired results. Whether a fast and efficient point analysis or a complex high detailed mapping is needed, it is a fast and easy job with the Phenom Elemental Identification software.

Smart mapping software options like real-time mapping algorithm show live build up of the selected element maps while storing spectra of each pixel. This allows adding or removing elements at any time during or after the mapping process. Mixing the mapped elements with the backscatter image gives users a phenomenal insight on the distribution of elements within the sample.

Elemental Mapping is an option available for any Phenom proX system. Visit our website for application examples and a movie on Elemental Mapping and other EDS applications.

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