CELLSTAR product line with new cell-repellent surface

Frickenhausen, 12 December 2012 – Greiner Bio-One, a leading technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, will be showcasing the new CELLSTAR cell culture vessels with a cell-repellent surface at the annual meeting of the "American Society for Cell Biology", ASCB. This surface has been specifically developed to effectively prevent the attachment of semi-adherent and adherent cell lines. The cell-repellent surface is ideal for cultivating spheroids and embryoid bodies.

The cell-repellent effect of the new surface is achieved through a stable chemical modification of the plastic. Unlike the conventional CELLSTAR suspension surface, the surface modification even prevents attachment of semi-adherent and adherent cell lines such as macrophages.

The cell-repellent surface inhibits very effectively interaction between the cell culture vessel and cells. Therefore, it supports in particular the formation of spheroids, which are playing an increasingly important role as 3D models in pharmaceutical research. Additionally, the cell-repellent surface supports the formation of "embryoid bodies" – non-adherent cell clusters that occupy a key position in cultivating stem cells.

The new CELLSTAR cell culture vessels with cell-repellent surface are free of detectable DNases, RNases and human DNA. They contain no detectable endotoxins or cytotoxic substances, are sterile and have a shelf life of two years. Initially, Greiner Bio-One will offer the cell-repellent surface for 96 well microplates with F or U bottom, 6 well multiwell plates and the 100 mm cell culture dish.

Cell culture vessels with a cell-resistant surface are part of the CELLSTAR® product line from Greiner Bio-One.

Greiner Bio-One at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, 15 - 19 December 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA, Stand No. 1131.

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