Streck Introduces Lamellar Body Count Control

Omaha, NE – Streck, Inc., introduces LBC-Chex™, the first and only lamellar body count control on the market. Lamellar bodies have been analyzed as an indirect estimate of fetal lung maturity and potential indicator of respiratory distress syndrome.

LBC-Chex is convenient and easy to use. Technicians use the control in the same manner as a patient sample of amniotic fluid – no dilution required, which saves time and reduces the potential for testing error.

LBC-Chex verifies the hematology instrument is accurate for the lower linearity limit of the platelet (PLT) parameter. Available in three clinically significant levels, LBC-Chex tests lower parameters than standard CBC controls and calibration materials. It is assayed for the Sysmex® XE-2100™ and XE-5000™, and Beckman Coulter® LH 700 series and UniCel® DxH™ 800.

LBC-Chex features 30-day open-vial stability and 105-day closed-vial stability. It is packaged in plastic 3.0ml cap-pierceable vials.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Streck also offers Cell-Chex®, a body fluid procedural control for red blood cell and white blood cell counts, crystal identification and white blood cell differentiation; and Cell-Chex® Auto, a three-level spinal and body fluid control for evaluating the accuracy and precision of hematology instruments that measure blood cell counts in patient body fluid samples.

About Streck, Inc.
Streck is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of products for clinical and research laboratories. Established in 1971, Streck's founder, Dr. Wayne Ryan, developed the first hematology reference controls for automated instruments. The company's pursuit of innovative solutions has produced an extensive list of patented products. Streck's core technology is cell stabilization; product lines include hematology, immunology, flow cytometry, blood collection tubes, and molecular diagnostics. Streck control products test the performance and limits of instruments and reagents, helping laboratories meet regulatory and accreditation requirements. Streck customers benefit from a free inter-laboratory quality control program known as STATS.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Streck has a specialized and experienced work force of more than 300. The campus encompasses 200,000 square feet with dedicated space built to support Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Administrative functions. For more information, call 800-843-0912 or visit

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