Cobra Biologics and Recopharma Enter agreement to utilise Cobra’s Cell Line Development Service- MaxXpress

Cobra Biologics Ltd, the international clinical and commercial manufacturer of biologics and pharmaceuticals and Recopharma, a biotechnology company developing ophthalmic products, today announce an agreement to supply a human Fc fusion protein using Cobra’s maxXpress service.

Cobra Biologics will apply its cost-effective maxXpress platform service to deliver a programme of vector construction using the UCOE technology, transfectant pool generation, and supply, purification and protein characterisation. The service allows Recopharma to form a quick and reliable assessment on the specific expertise of Cobra’s cell line development and analytical scientist teams.

Recopharma has developed a unique technology that uses mucins, naturally occurring proteins produced by epithelial tissues with many potential applications. The FC fused mucins will provide a natural alternative to ocular lubricants and tear substitutes that are at present available and set to be used as a treatment and prophylactic that tackles viral conjunctivitis.

Peter Coleman CEO of Cobra Biologics commented: “I am very pleased that Recopharma has chosen Cobra to supply pre-clinical material. Cobra’s maxXpress service has proven very popular with customers. Indeed, the service allows customers to make a fast assessment as to whether the UCOE technology and cell development team are the best combination to take their protein forward to clinical trials”.

Jan Holgersson, CEO/ CSO of Recopharma said “We are very excited about working with Cobra Biologics, and to apply their cell line development expertise on our mucin-type fusion proteins. A cell pool providing good yields will be an important commercial milestone on our path towards clinical studies with our dry eye disease lead compound.”

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For more information about Recopharma AB, please contact Jan Holgersson, CEO, on +46 70 424 0985 or email [email protected]

About maxXpress

Cobra can provide cell line development using its maxXpress service which offers the following advantages over the traditional DHFR–amplification system.

· Assesses up to 9 constructs at a time
· Rapidly generates purified pool material (100-300mg)
· Generates purified mixed clonal pool material in 10 weeks
· Enables production of gram quantities of antibodies and recombinant proteins
· Ensures efficient expression, independent of chromosomal integration

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About Cobra Biologics

Cobra Biologics is a leading international contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) of biologics and pharmaceuticals for clinical and commercial supply. Cobra has three GMP approved facilities, each with expertise tailored to serving our customers across the world. We offer a broad range of integrated and stand-alone contract services, stretching from cell line and process development through to fill and finish for the supply of investigational medicinal products and commercial production. We take pride in manufacturing excellence and being a trusted provider, delivering what we promise and helping our customers to develop medicines for the benefit of patients. Cobra Biologics provides manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry covering antibodies, recombinant proteins, viruses, DNA, whole cell vaccines and therapeutics as well as biologics and small molecule API lyophilisation and fill finish.

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About Recopharma

Recopharma is a biotechnology company focused on the research and development of ophthalmic products based on protein-carbohydrate interactions. The Company has developed a unique technology that uses mucins, naturally occurring proteins produced by epithelial tissues with many potential applications. The Company’s products will provide a natural alternative to the currently available ocular lubricants and tear substitutes and will be used as a prophylactic against and treatment for viral conjunctivitis.

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