Bruker Debuts High-Performance LC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Game-Changing EVOQ Qube, EVOQ Elite, and EVOQ Elite ER LC-TQ Debut at the 61st ASMS

June 11th 2013, Bruker Chemical and Applied Markets (CAM), Minneapolis, MN USA ­­ At the 2013 American Society of Mass Spectrometry Meeting (ASMS), Bruker showcases three game-changing LC-triple quadrupole (LC-TQ) mass spectrometers, the high-performance EVOQ QubeTM, the ultra-high sensitivity EVOQ Elite, and the extended mass range EVOQ Elite ER, which are setting new standards for analytical performance and quantitative robustness. The EVOQ QubeTM and the EVOQ Elite were launched last September at JASIS show in Chiba, Japan. The EVOQ Elite ER provides mass range extension to 2000 m/z enabling the selection of a broader range of compounds.

Bruker's new EVOQ Elite ER LC-MS, with 2000 m/z mass range

All EVOQ LC-TQ systems premiering today incorporate Bruker's new Advance Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) systems. The Advance HPLC, UHPLC, and the UHPLC-OLE products offer ultra-low dead-volume which enables excellent reproducibility at analytical flow-rates, an integrated column-oven, and bench-space savings. Paired with the industry workhorse CTC auto-sampler, the Advance LC portfolio delivers precision and accuracy required for sustained, high-sensitivity LC-MRM quantitative analysis.

In addition, the EVOQ platform features several major innovations:

  • The industry's first Vacuum-Insulated Probe (VIP) heated electrospray technology preserves and ionizes thermally fragile molecules with outstanding sensitivity
  • The Active Exhaust atmospheric pressure ionization source with a robust orifice vacuum interface significantly enhances quantitative robustness for difficult samples
  • The novel, Œflat-tuning', proprietary Interlaced Quadrupole Dual Funnel (IQ-DF ) maximizes sensitivity
  • Novel PACERTM software enables Œexception based data-review', a revolutionary feature that significantly reduces the error rate for quantitative analysis

Bruker's patented lens-free triple-quad mass filter design, which enhances MRM performance, comes standard on all EVOQ systems, making the EVOQ LC-TQ inherently easier to use and maintain. Other high-performance TQ features include Bruker's unique Compound Based Scanning (CBS) technology, the novel VIP heated-ESI and APCI ion sources, fast 14,000 amu/sec scan speed and 25 msec positive/negative ion switching, all for leading-edge TQ performance and analytical power.

Kefei Wang, EVOQ Senior Product Manager, said: "The EVOQ Qube and Elite have delivered to the expectations of our customers. In the short time since the launch we have been receiving repeat orders. This is the true measure of success. Now we add the EVOQ Elite ER which provides extended mass range to 2000 m/z, providing more capability and range for our current and future customers."

Rohan Thakur, Ph.D., Vice President and General Manager of Bruker's Quadrupole MS Business, concluded: "The debut of the EVOQ LC TQ family at ASMS marks the first time that Bruker has brought LC triple quad technology to the premier meeting for mass spectrometry in North America. Bruker's commitment to driving innovation to the analytical sciences is truly tangible. Innovation with Integrity is clearly not just a tagline at Bruker, it is our core philosophy."

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