Liposcience’s Vantera® Clinical Analyzer To Provide Hospitals And Physicians With Lipoprotein Analysis For Cardiovascular Disease Management

Placement Marks Commercial Launch of the Vantera Clinical Analyzer for Clinical Labs

RALEIGH, N.C. – May 22, 2013 – LipoScience, Inc., (NASDAQ: LPDX) a diagnostic company pioneering a new field of personalized nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) diagnostics to advance the quality of patient care, today announced availability of NMR lipoprotein particle testing using the Vantera Clinical Analyzer through Mayo Medical Laboratories.

NMR lipoprotein testing on the Vantera Clinical Analyzer will be accessible to Mayo Clinic physicians and patients and other hospital clients of Mayo Medical Laboratories. The Vantera Clinical Analyzer can identify and quantify concentrations of lipoproteins using NMR spectroscopy and proprietary signal processing algorithms. This analysis provides physicians and patients with a detailed assessment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk from a single blood test that measures the concentration of low density lipoprotein particles (LDL-P) and other lipoprotein information.

LDL-P is the first FDA-cleared assay on the Vantera Clinical Analyzer and is a key component of LipoScience’s NMR LipoProfile® test. To date, over 9 million NMR LipoProfile tests have been ordered to aid in CVD risk management. Adoption and decentralization of the Vantera Clinical Analyzer into clinical laboratories will ultimately provide widespread access to the NMR LipoProfile test, reduce sample processing turnaround time and provide value to physicians focused on delivering quality patient care and personalized management of cardiovascular disease.

“LDL-P improves the identification of patients at risk for cardiovascular disease risk compared to calculated LDL cholesterol,”   said Allan Jaffe, MD, a clinical cardiologist and Professor of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic. Amy Saenger, Ph.D. is the Director of Cardiovascular Laboratory Medicine at Mayo Clinic and stated “We are excited to offer LDL-P and other NMR lipoprotein profiles, enhancing our extensive and expanding cardiovascular disease test menu.” Mayo Medical Laboratories and the Cardiovascular Laboratory will continue their close scientific collaboration with LipoScience to develop new NMR-based assays targeted at improving outcomes for patients with CVD.

“Having Mayo Medical Laboratories offer NMR lipoprotein particle testing within Mayo Clinic and to external physicians is an important milestone as we drive towards widespread adoption and availability of the NMR LipoProfile test, to personalize the management of patients with cardiovascular disease risk,” said Tim Fischer, Chief Operating Officer at LipoScience.

About LipoScience, Inc.

LipoScience, Inc. is pioneering a new field of personalized diagnostics based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. Its first proprietary diagnostic test, the NMR LipoProfile® test, measures the number of low density lipoprotein particles (LDL-P) in a blood sample and provides physicians and their patients with actionable information to personalize management of risk for heart disease. To date, over 9 million NMR LipoProfile tests have been ordered. LipoScience’s automated clinical analyzer, Vantera®, has been cleared by the FDA. It requires no previous knowledge of NMR technology to operate and has been designed to dramatically simplify complex technology through ease of use and walk away automation. The Vantera system will be placed with national and regional clinical laboratories.

LipoScience is driving toward becoming a clinical standard of care by decentralizing its technology and expanding its menu of personalized diagnostic tests to address a broad range of cardiovascular, metabolic and other diseases. For further information on LipoScience, please visit

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