Nutfield Technology Introduces the Latest in Optical Position Detection

Nutfield Technology of Hudson, NH introduces their latest in galvanometer-based optical scanners, the QS-7 OPD.

The QS-7 OPD moving magnet galvos combine strong performance with cost-effective value. Nutfield’s mechanical design incorporates ceramic ball-bearing motors for high durability in a compact package, reflecting Nutfield’s attention to design detail and scanning performance. High strength magnets, the strongest available, allow for dramatically reduced package size. When combined with low resistance/low inductance coils, the QS-7 OPD provides a 40% increase in scanning speed with optimized thermal characteristics. A high output Position Detector generates 4 times the output signal for high signal/noise ratio and outstanding accuracy. Patent-pending selectable stops are available.

When integrated with Nutfield’s QD-4000 servo-amplifier, the QS-7 OPD scanners deliver high speed. Available in 1, 2, and 3-axis compact configurations, these galvo-based scanners provide excellent speed and accuracy for a variety of scanning applications including: marking, imaging, microscopy and micromachining and as well as many others.

For more information, visit the Nutfield Technology website at or call 603-893-6200.

Michael Healey
Nutfield Technology
1 Wall Street, Suite 113
Hudson, NH 03051
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