KIN-TEK PR Standards for Trace Light Hydrocarbons

Trace concentration mixtures of C1 – C3 hydrocarbons, normally not available in permeation tubes, can be prepared using the FlexStream™ + Flex GF™ gas standards generator and Series 57 Gas Fed Permeation Tubes. Dynamically mixed concentrations from less than 10ppb to over 1000ppm are available with a single dilution for pure compounds. Mixtures can simultaneously contain heavier compounds, such as benzene or sulfur compounds, in conventional permeation tubes.

Typically permeation tubes contain liquefied analyte compound as the permeate source. This limits the available compounds to liquids, or easily liquefiable compounds. Series 57 tubes use a controlled pressure of analyte vapor as the permeate source to control extremely low flows of very high pressure gases for blending very low concentration mixtures in a single step.

The FlexStream GF™ module is used in the FlexStream™ system to control the pressure and flush fresh analyte into the tube. Unlike conventional tubes, multi-component mixtures can be prepared using a tube having multi-gas certified emission.

Series 57 Gas Fed Tubes are also available for CO, CO2, O2, N2, H2 and the Noble gases.

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