New sample handling options for Biochrom Libra spectrophotometers

15 April 2011; Cambridge, UK: Newly available accessories for the Biochrom Libra range of UV/Visible spectrophotometers now add increased sample handling capabilities to the straightforward operation, scalability and value for money that lie at the heart of this flexible range of instruments. Manufactured by Biochrom (Cambridge, UK), Libra spectrophotometers and peripherals are available through a global network of local distributors, in both split beam and double beam versions.

Whatever your sample requirements, Biochrom has a sample handling option to aid more efficient operation. The 5-position thermostatted cell changer, for example, is fully automatic and designed to speed up analysis by allowing users to automatically measure samples that are at a controlled temperature. With the 5 position thermostatted or 8 position non thermostatted cell changer options connected, the software will allow the user to perform parallel kinetics measurements on either stand alone local control or PC controlled instruments.

The following accessories are now available for Biochrom Libra S50/S60/S70 and S80 spectrophotometers:

  • Automatic 8-Cell Changer
  • Thermostatted 5-Cell ChangerWater
  • Thermostatted Single Cell Holder
  • Variable Pathlength Cell Holder
  • Automatic Sipper System
  • Peltier Thermocirculator
  • Film Holder
  • Test Tube Holder

Detailed information for each of the new Libra accessories is available through your local distributor or via

High resolution image attached or available from Richard Kent, Kapler Communications [email protected]

About Biochrom

Based on the Cambridge (UK) Science Park, Biochrom is a leading global manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience producing high quality scientific instrumentation. Trusted by customers in hospitals and laboratories worldwide, the company is also a valued OEM partner to many of the world’s finest scientific instrumentation companies.

Biochrom manufactures the Biochrom 30+, the world’s leading dedicated amino acid analyzer, while the company’s UV-Vis spectroscopy portfolio includes Biochrom Libra spectrophotometers for industrial and environmental laboratories and Biochrom WPA colorimeters and spectrophotometers for education and the life sciences. Biochrom also manufacturers two major brands of microplate readers and washers – Biochrom Anthos and Biochrom Asys that are sold both into research and development labs and into clinical environments.

Biochrom products are available worldwide, both directly and through a growing network of committed independent distributors.

Biochrom is a Harvard Bioscience Company.

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