Mass Spectrometers for Thin Films, Plasma and Surface Engineering

Hiden Analytical release a new brochure detailing their range of mass spectrometer products specifically developed for specialised vacuum process applications under diverse pressure regimes from sub-atmospheric to ultra-high vacuum.

New Brochure Spread: Mass Spectrometers for Thin Films, Plasma & Surface Engineering

The application-specific systems are configured for monitoring, controlling and analysing varied processes related to thin film deposition, to plasma and ion beam etching, and to thermal reaction and desorption processes. Systems are available for real-time measurement of gas composition and of both positive and negative plasma ion species and ion energies, supplied fully engineered with dedicated process interface. Applicable process techniques include ALD, CVD and MOCVD, MBE, RIE and IBE/ RIBE.

Combined secondary ion and secondary neutral mass spectrometers (SIMS/SNMS) provide post-process quantitative measurement of product surface and subsurface composition. These systems are supplied as complete workstations and also in component form for upgrade of existing UHV surface analysis tools.

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